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Sunday, March 12, 2006

The day of rest and recovery that I had planned wasnít supposed to include spending most of it with my hands in hot, soapy water. But then, I didnít dream up the stream of ants coming down from the ceiling and into my kitchen. If I hadnít had to deal with that situation, I might actually have been able to take the day and do what I wanted with it. Which was pretty much nothing.

So I sprayed and then scrubbed and then threw the dish drainer, which seems to have been the main attraction, into the garbage. Then I washed every dish that had been in the drainer (and it was full to start) and dried it and put it away. And every other dish and pot and utensil I used the rest of the day got the same treatment, immediate washing and putting away. Mostly because I no longer have a drainer to stack things in.

But itís not a bad idea, to keep things in their place, especially since it gives me an extra few square feet of counter space. Thatís something I can always use (except today, when I was too worn out from all that cleaning to do any cooking).

3 March 2006

Gray-black sky.

At least my kitchen is cleaner than itís been in a long time. And everything is more or less in its place. And there has been no sign of live ants since first thing this morning, when I started the extermination and sanitation process. And I feel pretty good about the work surfaces in my kitchen, because theyíve been disinfected to a degree heretofore unknown. So it wasnít a total loss, this day when I was supposed to have been resting and recovering.

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In their first game in the second round of the World Baseball Classic, the U.S. team won a tainted victory over Japan. It was a real win, but it was based on a lie (as so many baseball games are). You have to play the calls, even if you know the umpire was wrong. If a bad call turns the game in your favor, you have to defend it for all itís worth. Thatís why no U.S. player will be heard to say that the Japanese runner on third base didnít leave too soon after the catch. He didnít, and the second base umpire ruled that he didnít, but the plate umpire overruled the call, and thatís that. The run didnít count, and the score stayed tied until the bottom of the ninth, when the U.S. loaded the bases and won the game, 4-3, on a two-out single by Alex Rodriguez. Thatís the official version, anyway.

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