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Monday, March 20, 2006

How could things get any weirder between the Boss and me? Today I found myself doing two things I didnít want to do, one because he asked me and another because he didnít ask me. I donít know if Iím trying to impress him or get him off my back. Maybe a little of both.

He phoned this morning, fresh from a brainstorming session with Julie about how to lighten my work load. He made a suggestion about reducing the number of worksheets he thinks he needs to see at the end of each month. He wanted to reduce the number by one, because he thinks some of the work Julie does for the accountant duplicates that one worksheet Iíve been doing. And in a way it does.

But he still wants to see another monthly worksheet that Iíve been doing for him. The trouble is, to create that worksheet, I have to do the one he told me he doesnít need any more. In other words, heís not reducing my work load at all, just the amount of it he sees. This gives him the illusion of taking away some of my burden, which makes him feel better about the whole thing than it makes me feel.

Of course I didnít tell him this, but Iím not sure why. Either I want him to think heís making my life easier, or I want him to keep enjoying the fruits of my labor, even if I donít get credit for as much laboring as I actually do. Maybe itís a little of both (if thatís even possible).

17 March 2006

Dumpling clouds.

The other event occurred this afternoon, at quitting time. I wasnít quitting, but it was that time when he called and asked a question about the Big Project. Heís been analyzing it for several days and thinks itís ready to go to the accountant, but he had a small concern. Uh oh. I think I showed a little impatience, because he said, ďDonít worry about it now. Weíll take care of it tomorrow.Ē

ďNo!Ē I said. ďI want to do it and get it over with.Ē And, as it turned out, he was right. Some of the gyrations we did late last week produced a discrepancy that I hadnít accounted for. It took me about five minutes to find it and correct it. Maybe I should have taken a little more time before giving him the corrected sheet, but I wouldnít want him to think Iím working too hard.

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It was a gray, wet, miserable Monday, and I spent it working on three projects at the same time. Try to spin that in a positive light, I dare you. Tomorrow will be more of the same, unless the sun comes out. Itís officially spring now, so a little sunshine wouldnít be out of order.

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