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Monday, March 27, 2006

As I was muddling through my day, trying to handle (or dodge) everything that was coming at me, it suddenly struck me that this was the exact opposite of yesterday, when I could pretty much plan out my time and do what I needed to do while keeping my sanity by staying out from under anyone elseís boot heel. Today, by contrast, I was at the mercy of everyone in the world, and they all wanted something. Now.

It started with a phone call first thing this morning, which is way too early, Monday or not. Whatever lame question the Boss asked, I answered him and then went back to bed. Sometimes I think he times his calls just to make sure Iím strapped to my desk. Itís funny how he phones just after starting time and just before quitting time. Iím sure itís a coincidence.

Now that I have checks again, I can do the payroll as soon as I get the time cards, so I was happy to see them come over the fax this morning. Itís too bad so many other things came up, so that I couldnít do the payroll until late this afternoon. The weather wasnít as cooperative as yesterday, either. Then: sunlight until seven. Now: darkness at three. Plus, rain.

After he faxed me the time cards, Tim called, just to chat. Iím sure he was trying to get some information out of me, but I never figured out what it was, so he didnít get it. What I got was a black hole in the middle of the day. Julie had letters for me to type. The Boss had an invoice (an elaborate one, with tables and charts) that he needed. Iím pretty sure I talked to someone at the bank. (In fact, I think I remember them promising to overnight the deposit slips to me.) And I had to go to FedEx to overnight the bid bond. I hope I sent it to the right place.

17 March 2006

Looming clouds.

At 6:30 tonight, it was darker and rainier than ever, and I was finishing up the payroll while waiting for the next draft of the Bossís invoice. I tried to put the day in perspective, but really, it didnít seem fair. I gave up my whole weekend so I wouldnít have a Monday exactly like the one I was still in the middle of. I can only hope my Tuesday doesnít turn out to be another Monday. I really deserve another Sunday instead.

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And it never did show up, that last draft to type and format. Which is good news and bad news. I wasnít up to more typing and formatting tonight anyway, but it probably means that heíll start working on it first thing in the morning again tomorrow.

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