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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It used to be that whenever I didnít get any mail I would wonder who got my mail that day. The days when there really was no mail were rare, and kind of scary. Really, though, I think I lost more mail by misfiling it than the post office ever did by misdirecting it. Anyway, it wasnít a big worry, because there werenít many days when I didnít get at least a couple of advertisements or a few bills.

In the past two or three weeks, there have been several days when I didnít get any mail. The first time it happened, I freaked out as in the old days. By the second time, it had already started to seem like a pattern, so I didnít worry as much. After all, I pay most of my bills on line now, and I havenít bought anything much by mail order that I didnít order over the Internet. Most people who want to reach me do so by email, so thereís good reason that my mailbox (the metal one out on the street) will be empty once in awhile.

Then today I got a magazine that should have been delivered last Thursday or Friday, and it started me wondering again. I wondered where itís been all this time. I wondered if it had been dropped off in someone elseís box and spent a few days in a strange house before finding its way to me. Now probably the next time I donít get any mail, I wonít be so complacent. Itíll be like the old days, when a day without mail was a day to fret.

25 February 2009

Early blossoms.

The magazine was Entertainment Weekly, one of the few I still get in the mail. I read The Atlantic Monthly and Newsweek on Kindle, and Iíve stopped most of the other magazines I used to get because I can get fresher information on their web sites these days. This issue of EW has TV recommendations for this week, so itís already half stale. But thatís okay, because I watch much less TV than I used to. It also gives Australia, a movie I loved (and watched on DVD last night), a C grade. That would have been no use to me either.

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