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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Life doesnít come with a remote control. I think Iíve finally gotten over the idea that I donít have to pay attention, because I can always hit the Replay button and go back seven seconds. I no longer get frustrated that the world wonít Pause at my command. And as much as I often need to Rewind, I know itís not going to happen. Adam Sandler made a movie about this, but to me itís just a reflex, because I spend so much time with a remote in my hand.

As I was walking to the post office today I experienced something similar but completely different. Itís a new one, but maybe thatís just because I donít walk enough. I passed someone on the sidewalk, and for some reason I thought I could look up and to my right and I would see them walking away from me. What? Yes, I actually thought that life had provided me with a rear view mirror. I donít walk enough, but maybe I drive too much.

25 February 2009

Possibility of spring.

This is some kind of muscle memory thing, I think. Itís not anything that affects me to any great degree, but itís kind of a strange sensation when it happens. I donít think of myself as the kind of person who lives inside an Adam Sandler movie.

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