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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

When Iím going through one of these periods of sleep disruption (whether random or systematic), Iím not a very nice person. That has significance only because, while some people are not very nice most of the time, Iím only not very nice very little of the time. Itís an aberration for me, not a character trait. Or maybe itís a character trait that Iím more readily able to suppress when I get enough sleep.

Just about any form of human behavior can manifest this phenomenon. I can be not nice at all to other drivers. I can be downright abusive of inanimate objects around the house that dare to get in my way. I stumble more easily when Iím sleep-deprived, and then I take it out on those things I stumble over. Even things that donít move, like walls, get in my way and feel my wrath. Itís not much fun to be around me the week after we change the clocks.

10 March 2009

A Black Phoebe makes an early visit.

When things are going well, I can be as patient as a tree. I can be so patient you might wonder if I were fully aware of my surroundings. You might think I hadnít heard or digested the word or deed that would have made anyone else grow visibly annoyed and volubly irritated. You might even admire my patience, when Iím not laid low by lack of sleep.

This week, on the other hand, youíd have no problem differentiating me from a tree. If you called me at the wrong moment, you might have heard it in my voice on the phone, even if I really wanted to talk to you. Iíve temporarily lost both the reflex to be patient and the inclination to feign patience in situations where patience isnít necessarily called for. Iím not quite myself. I trust it will pass, before I lose the rest of my patience. And my sense of humor. And my thumbs.

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