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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Having fostered such an interesting array of comments (here and elsewhere) with yesterdayís entry, I donít think I can let it go just yet. What was clear to me when I wrote it might not have come through all that clearly, because of the way I expressed it. I assume that I overassumed and therefore underexplained. You canít see inside my head, right? (You canít, right?)

Anyway, lest anyone think otherwise, Iím planning on a four-week trial of a vegan diet. That doesnít mean a full-on animal worshiping lifestyle. I reserve the right to sit in my leather chair, and I have no intention of seeking a truce in my war against ants and houseflies. This is all about me, and my body and what I put into it. As much as I respect animals, this isnít a spiritual exercise on my part (although I admire those who live the total vegan lifestyle).

The diet I mentioned asks me to give up meat, eggs and dairy. It doesnít demand anything. It also asks that I give preference to brown sugar over refined white sugar, and whole grains over processed flours. It wants me to try to avoid oils (which are 100% fat) as much as possible. It suggests in the strongest possible terms that I read labels carefully and avoid foods that get over 25% of their calories from fat. (And it tells how to figure this percentage from the meager information on the packaging.)

What the diet doesnít ask me to do is make anyone else uncomfortable. It doesnít need me to feel superior to anyone else on account of my choice, or to make them feel anything at all about it. And even if I did feel superior, I certainly would deny it. (You canít read my mind, right?)

17 March 2009

Piece of the sky.

All Iím going to be asking of myself is to do my best to stick to the diet for the four weeks, and then see where I want to go from there. This isnít a joke, but I donít plan to take it so seriously that it controls my life, either. Is there a place for a happy medium amidst a community of ideologues? I donít know, but I think Iíll skip the meetings.

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