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Friday, March 27, 2009

Even though Mom is slowly but surely getting better, and my body is finally more or less adjusted to the time change, this has been the third rough week in a row. This time, it was work. And money. And work.

It’s not bad enough that The Kennel runs out of money at the end of every month. I mean, it is bad enough, but it’s not the whole story. We get through because the Boss adds his own money to the company account for a few days. On the fifth of the following month, when most of our revenue from monthly customer payments comes in, the boss gets paid back and we’re fine, until about a week before the end of that month.

This cycle has been going on since December. February was especially difficult because it didn’t have enough days in it, but March has been bad for another reason. The bank debited our account because a customer disputed all the credit card charges she’d made with us for the last four months. Suddenly, not only are we in the red, we’re more than two thousand dollars deeper in the red than we should have been.

It turns out that the charges were legitimate, and the customer admitted it, and the bank apologized for jumping the gun. As of today, they’ve promised to make good within 24 hours, for a mistake they made a week and a half ago. I just hope they decide to make good on any checks that might have bounced when we had less in the account than we were supposed to have.

17 March 2009

Looming white cloud.

I spent two hours on the phone over this today, but not with the bank. I spent all that time on the phone with Tim, which if anything is even worse. He was dealing with the bank, but he wanted me to know what he was doing. I told him I didn’t need to know, because the credit card charges are handled at The Kennel and I have nothing to do with them. Then I reminded him that he also had to deal with the sales tax increase that takes effect next week, and he suggested we end the call before we give each other even more work to do.

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