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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Whatís wrong? Whatís wrong?? Do you want the whole list, or just a few bullet points? All I have are my own problems, which are my own, plus whatever peripheral runoff there is from the problems of a select and limited roster of people I care about enough to let that happen. Everybody has problems. I wish someone could solve them all. I wish I could.

But letís start as close to home as possible (and letís try to end there, lest this become a tome of more weight than the subject matter deserves). I have developed a persistent nasty cough that brings up something from my throat (or maybe my lungs, hard to tell so far) that Iíd rather not deal with. Not that I have a choice, although Hallís honey-lemon drops sometimes give me temporary relief.

Also, since last night Iíve had a headache whose source could be one of (at least) two things. I might be the springlike weather, which has followed so quickly on the heels of a wet and growth-nourishing winter. The green in my yard is almost overpowering, both as an oversaturation of color and as a source of aerial allergenic soup. My belief is that this is the most likely cause of the headache.

The other possibility is suggested by the fact that the headache began after I got home from seeing Avatar in 3D yesterday afternoon. In my latter years Iíve developed an aversion to movie theaters. The experience hasnít been as enjoyable as it was when I was younger and more tolerant of the presence of people who valued silence less than I do. Frankly, I think people were less rude and more considerate back in the day. Either Iíve changed, or they have, or both.

There has to be a good reason for the occasional exception to my anti-theater policy. In this case it was partly the congenial company and partly curiosity, both about the new technology and about the movie itself. I was sufficiently impressed with both. I liked, but did not love, the picture. And Iíve pretty much decided that thereís no reason to go out to a movie again unless itís in 3D. Something might come along to change that attitude, but for now thatís how I feel.

Anyway, Iím not saying the movie or even the glasses (which were surprisingly not uncomfortable) gave me a headache. The theater wasnít crowded enough for me to have caught anything from the patrons, who were mostly quiet after all (although there were a few who couldnít settle down and kept walking in front of me switching seats for the first ten or fifteen minutes).

8 March 2010

The headache and the cough will go away. Nothingís wrong, really, except that this is the first day of daylight saving, and Iím a little (or a lot) testy and short-tempered from the change in sleep routine. Everything bothers me more on the day the clocks get reset, but it will take me only two or three or ten weeks to get over it. Until then, molehill problems are likely to get treated like mountains.

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