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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring? No, I wouldnít say spring has arrived yet, officially or unofficially. But what fell from the sky today felt more like spring showers than yet another winter storm, although I know it had elements of both. For what itís worth, I used four different wiper settings on my way to the post office and back today (and cursed in four different languages, but thatís not a seasonal thing).

Spring is here in the sense that baseball is back, giving hope to all that anyone can turn out to be a winner. We say that every year, as if we believed it, and for a month or so, maybe we do. An actual game between major league teams was played today in Florida. It wasnít a game that meant anything, except to the players and those of us who have been deprived of bat and ball since the end of last season.

Now that the Winter Olympics have ended, itís time to move on to spring. If you know me, or if you knew me four and eight years ago, you know Iíve spent the last two weeks watching twelve hours a day of curling, mostly because it will be another four years before it will be shown on U.S. television again. Thatís not the only reason Iíve been absent, but all those hours do take a toll. Iíll be watching a lot of baseball from now on, but not in the middle of the night.

1 March 2010

Somehow amidst all of the different kinds of clamor and commotion in my life, Iíve lost sight of the goal of getting my work done. I managed to finish January without falling completely apart, but weíre already through February and Iím not ready for tax season by any measure. My biggest problem, as usual, is getting started. My second biggest problem, as always, is getting finished. Sadly, thereís no way to do Part B without doing Part A first.

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