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Monday, November 10, 2008

We now resume regularly scheduled programming. If I tried to live up to the kind words people have said about my last few entries, I might never write again. This isnít a political blog (or a ďblogĒ at all). Itís supposed to be about whatís going on, in my life and in my head. So guess you can tell where my head has been, at least, for the last week.

Hereís where I usually broadcast all my various complaints of the day, including the fact that itís Monday, and the other fact that I didnít get enough sleep last night, and whatever slights I feel from the people I work with, who make promises and then donít keep them. (Thank goodness theyíre not running the country. Or are they? If so, not for long.)

But you donít want to hear about it any more than I want to rehash it. It all ended well anyway, or as well as it possibly could. Sure, I didnít get the time cards until four oíclock this afternoon, even though Iíd been expecting them first thing this morning. And sure, I had to do the payroll tonight, because Iím going to be gone all day tomorrow. But it only took a couple of hours, and I was finished by seven, even though I had serious problems with the printer that made me want to chuck it out the window. So itís not even really worth thinking about any more.

7 November 2008

Clouds gathering near sunset.

In spite of a few days of euphoria, life turns out not to be all puppies and butterflies after all. Somehow, though, Iím determined to make the best I can of these lemon days. Because somewhere down the road, there will be lemon meringue pie. I just know it.

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