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Saturday, November 7, 2009

How did I spend the day after the Big Audit? I slept until noon, then napped most of the afternoon away. I know that wonít get me back on a good sleep schedule, and it definitely wonít get me caught up on the work Iíve neglected, but it felt so good.

Well, it felt good until I got up out of the recliner and my legs felt like jello. I guess the other thing I need to get back up to speed on, besides sleep and work, is exercise. Iíve let the treadmill gather dust while Iíve been preparing for the audit and trying to stay up to date on the rest of my job, but I canít keep doing that, or as old as I feel today will be how I feel all the time.

21 September 2009

The audit? Oh, that went the way it always does. I stressed over it for two weeks, building to a crescendo in the last few days. Then it was over in two hours. Iíll get a report in a couple of weeks, and weíll either have to pay a few dollars or weíll get a refund of a few dollars. And thatíll be that until this time next year when I go through it all again.

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