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Sunday, November 8, 2009

With the days dwindling down and the long winter looming, it seemed such a waste to spend my whole Sunday inside, watching football and Nascar. So I didnít. I didnít leave home, of course, because being in the car would have been a waste. A waste of time, and a misuse of fossil fuel, when I have the green expanse of my own countryside just beyond the front door.

When the skinny black and white cat wandered through the yard, I left it alone. So did the birds, which is why I didnít bother to chase the cat away. I want it to feel welcome to keep the rodent population under control, but not comfortable enough to go after my birds. Iím very protective of my birds. I fill the birdbath every day, and they appreciate it. They tell me the only way they can, by making lavish use of the facility.

8 November 2009

When the camera is out, the birds fly off.

Itís not as if I had a lot of free time, either to lounge in front of the TV or wander the acreage. Real life didnít stop while I was preoccupied for the last two weeks, prepping for the audit. Itís too bad it didnít, because I wouldnít have fallen so far behind that a few bills didnít get paid on time. I spent part of today making sure that doesnít happen again (as much itís possible to forestall my own neglect, indolence or prodigious inability to stay focused).

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