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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My motto for the day: What if it doesnít work?

Thatís the thought that went through my head all night, and it was on my mind most of the day. Even after I got the new fax/printer/copier set up and running, I still had one more thing to worry about. I promised to bring a vegan stuffing to the family Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. Iíd never made it before, and every time I looked over the recipe I had one thought.

What if it doesnít work?

There just seemed to be too many places where it could all go so very wrong.

One thing I was sure of. I wasnít going to let it bother me all night. I gave myself until 3:30 pm before I started toasting bread cubes and almonds, and chopping apples and dried cherries. I had one thing in my favor, doing it a day ahead of time. If itís like everything else I make, itís better reheated the next day anyway. At least, I hope so. I donít think I toasted the bread long enough, because it came out a little soggy.

Besides, I never promised I was bringing something I expected anyone else to like. Iíll bring enough, just in case, but my feelings wonít be hurt if Iím the only one eating it (as I will, I assume, be the only one not eating turkey). If enough people have colds, they wonít know if it doesnít measure up, taste-wise.

Anyway, I now know some things Iíll do differently next time, and Iím sure Iíll hear a few more suggestions tomorrow. They wonít stop me, though. Itís good enough to try again, but not so good it canít stand some improvement.

16 November 2009

Installing the new fax/printer was easier, and took less time and not as heavy a toll on my body as standing in the kitchen for two and a half hours. I got one of the machines on my list and had it working by noon, so I was able to get the payroll finished and make it to the post office before the midday pickup. It helps that it works the way the old one was supposed to, only faster. That will make my work days better, for as long as it lasts.

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