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Monday, November 30, 2009

There was nothing I wanted to do more today than spend it reading the John Irving book, maybe even finishing it. But it was a Monday, so that was out of the question. All I could do would be sneak away from the computer for a few minutes here and there. The trouble with that plan was that once I started reading, it would be hard to stop.

But wait! This was the first Monday, in fact the first real day when people could reasonably expect me to be working, since I got the new fax/printer/copier. Iíve had it almost a week but havenít used it much, so I didnít know what a difference it would make. Everything goes faster. It prints faster, and it feeds paper faster, and I can load multiple envelopes at a time, instead of printing them one by one.

20 November 2009

So my day ended up going much better than I expected it to, and although I didnít finish the book, I still got a lot of good reading time in, late in the day after Iíd finished working. Itís kind of nice not to have to work late into the night simply because the equipment couldnít keep up with the output. It was a happy outcome after all.

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