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Thursday, October 9, 2008

As October inches forward, the fact is that the end of the month looms even in these early stages. I keep the monthly to-do list at my right hand, even though I know that most of the items with deadlines toward the end will not even be started much before the last minute. Or maybe not. I seem to have more nervous energy these days than normal, so I can see myself getting a running start at the quarterly taxes and statements for once. I can see it, but I canít promise it.

The first part of October brings Johnís birthday, which we take as an excuse to have a family dinner. This we did last night, and it was a success, if by that you mean happy children and happy adults. The two go hand in hand, as you know. Anyway, I was happy to be there. Dakota and I played our little game (ďBack off!Ē ďNo, you back off!Ē). D.J. rambled on in that way he has where you only have to nod once in awhile and heís happy. Aiden and I played catch with the toy tractor, and Kylie entertained me by speaking gibberish for half an hour, nonstop, with gestures and inflections and even a little English thrown in every so often. She is the best double talker Iíve ever met, and thatís a compliment.

4 October 2008

Distant clouds.

The end of the month will be welcome for another reason, besides having all the deadlines behind me. It will be a mere four more days until the election, which will mean that the governor of Alaska can become the footnote to history, which is the most she deserves. Any compliments thrown her way (refreshing? free-thinking? independent minded?) are way more than she deserves, as she travels the country spewing lies and innuendo. But thatís what her kind does, isnít it? They think if they poison the atmosphere, weíll all be infected by their vitriol, but thank goodness theyíre wrong this time. Issues and character will win out for once.

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