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Friday, October 10, 2008

It would be wrong to say that we had all four seasons in one day, because most people think we donít get all four season in one year around here. But it was hot and windy early in the day, then chilly and breezy later on. To me, the cool weather is here about a month earlier than it should be. I still expect warm nights in early October, but that hasnít been happening. Iím thinking I should check the furnace filter, because Iím afraid Iím going to need it soon.

My sample ballot came in the mail today, and my first impression is that there are sure a lot of money items on it, at exactly the wrong time. Iím afraid anything that says ďfundingĒ or ďbondsĒ or especially ďnew taxĒ isnít very likely to pass, no matter how worthy the cause might be. This could spell doom for the light rail line that advocates have been working on for so long. Green transportation is important, but voters have the other kind of green on their minds.

4 October 2008

Heavy cloud and a blue sky.

This wind we get this time of year has a way of making everything seem more vivid. Itís like living in a heightened reality where the colors are brighter and the sounds of life have an extra edge to them. Early in the day it was like living in a Terry Gilliam movie. Tonight felt more like Alfred Hitchcock. The morning was like Mozart, and then it turned into Wagner. We started out with cherry coke and ended up with prune juice. Stop? Okay.

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