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Sunday, September 6, 2009

It was back in January, I think, when Kylie first told me, “I’m going to be four this year.” For about the last six months, she has been randomly asking, “Am I four yet?” Well, today she is four, but we celebrated with a big party and barbecue in her honor yesterday, with family and friends and food galore. When I got there I asked her if she was four yet, and she shook her head. So, she knows.

Back in the day, when her father and uncle were growing up, this kind of party was a frequent occurrence. Some of the same people who used to attend those affairs were there yesterday, along with some members of the next generation (and the one after that). It was nostalgia mixed with hope that the future will keep all of us connected. It can only help Kylie and Aiden to know how many people love them.

And of course some irreplaceable people from the old days are no longer with us. They were missed, and will not be forgotten.

6 September 2009

Cake! (Click photo for more birthday pictures.)

Kylie at four is fearless, opinionated, expressive, curious, thoughtful, and pretty resilient. She’s had to adapt to changes that have been difficult at times, but you wouldn’t necessarily know it from talking to her. Or rather, listening to her, since in any conversation she gets to do most of the talking.

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