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Friday, August 28, 2009

You know how I get all these grand plans about how Iím going to rearrange my life so I get more done and have more time for myself? Once I was going to assign myself one big household chore for each weekend of the month, so that everything would stay pretty much shipshape pretty much all the time. Yeah, that didnít work out very well. It lasted one week, I think.

While Iím working on a new plan, Iíve made a temporary compromise plan for ultra-hot days like today. Out of necessity, Iím working half an hour at a time, then sitting in front of the cooler for fifteen minutes. It seems to be working, although half an hour doesnít really give me much momentum, so Iím not getting as much done as Iíd like. Fifteen minutes isnít really long enough to cool off, either, but letís just get through Friday and see where we end up.

By way of disclaimer, I should probably add that sitting for fifteen minutes often leads to a nap of a considerably longer timespan. Which is not an altogether bad thing, in the big picture, and Iím a big picture kind of guy when it comes to naps.

28 August 2009

Tonight's sunset.

If you were a neutral observer (and I assume at least some of you are) and you recorded my behavior as a key to how I work (which I assume youíre not doing), you might conclude that my ďplanĒ was to put off everything possible until Friday, and then work like crazy one day a week, letting a few loose ends slop over to the weekend. Actually, thatís not such a bad plan, but the goal would be to do it all on Friday and make the weekend count for something. Yeah, okay. Maybe next week itíll work out that way.

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