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Monday, August 28, 2006

This was one of those days, you know? One of those days when no matter how many times you get going, you keep finding yourself wrenched back to the starting line and starting over. The phone started early, with a bizarre series of accounting questions from Tim. (And how many times can I tell him Iím not an accountant before it sinks in?)

Then the Boss started, with his own needles and nudges, about this and that (but mostly about nothing). I finally gave up trying to start my real day and turned on the answering machine so I could get all the way out the door to run my errands. It was a short trip today, just to the post office and back, but wouldnít you know there was a message on the machine when I got back.

So I called the Boss again and tried again to figure out what he was asking me, so I could figure out how to answer him. It was something about percentage of profit and how it applies to overhead expenses, and we went around and around about it for a good long time. By the end, I was even more confused than he was, but he thanked me for helping him straighten it out in his mind before hanging up.

Huh? Well, okay then. If heís satisfied with whatever I told him, I guess I am, too, even though Iím not sure what that was. I just hope he doesnít ask the same question again tomorrow morning at the crack of doom, because Iíll never be able to figure out what I told him today.

12 August 2006

Aiden chillin' on the houseboat.

How did National Geographic get my phone number? In the middle of all the chaos of the day, I got a call from the magazine (or maybe it was from the society) telling me they were going to send me a video. If I didnít want it, I could send it back. I told them I already knew I didnít want it, and asked them please not to send it. None of this negativity penetrated, but when I said, ďIf you send it, Iím just going to keep it,Ē I think I made my point. That was the end of that ridiculous diversion.

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Oy. I reconciled my bank statement tonight and found a slight error (and not in my favor). Iíd forgotten to record a $100 ATM withdrawal, and Iíd made another $100 math error. Somehow I had $200 less than I thought, which means I didnít have enough to pay all the bills I wanted to pay. And as far as any cash layout in the next two weeks? Forget about it. Seriously, because my car insurance is due next week. Oy.

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