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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Are you like me? Every time you get an ache or a pain or a cough or a sniffle, does your mind go immediately to ďswine fluĒ? And then, when you wake up the next day feeling fine, do you think ďstupidĒ? Last night I was mentally measuring burial plots, but today Iím feeling as if I might stay above ground a bit longer.

My plan for the day was to work all afternoon, but I felt too good to waste it that way. So I wasted it by doing next to nothing. I filled the birdbath and bird feeder, ran a full backup on the computer, watched NASCAR and baseball on TV, caught up on reading the newspaper (Iíd been stuck in the middle of last week). I looked at what work I thought I had to do today and decided it could all wait until Monday.

1 August 2009

It might look bleak to some, but it's beautiful to me.

I know you think Iíve been spending all my time on Twitter, but thatís not true. Not exactly. Iíve been spending time on Facebook, too. But no, those are things I do for fun, and so is this journal, and I actually have more friends now that Iím on line in more places. But with the dreaded month of July behind me, I do expect to be back here more often. Occasionally with actual content (unlike this entry).

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