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Monsday, July 20, 2009

It was a cool, gray, breezy day after a weekend of high, dry heat, and I guess I should be grateful for the break in the weather, and I guess I am, except that I always find myself plodding through these sunless days like a dinosaur through a swamp, which if I think about it too hard is exactly how I feel a lot of the time. And thatís not to mention that itís also a Monday (which I just did, and which it is).

The cooler weather must have benefited my yard guy, who was only an hour late when he showed up at nine this morning, at just about the point in time when Iíd given up on seeing him at all. Itís great to see the dry grasses in the yard down to a non-threatening level, and I know Iíll sleep better. (Well, probably not, actually, knowing me.)

But the drone of weed trimmers and lawnmowers going constantly, aall daay loong made it seem almost like spending the day at the dentistís office. Not that thereís anything wrong with dentists, but it wouldnít be my first choice, for ambience and atmosphere anyway.

20 July 2009

Evening shadows fall across the newly mowed yard.

One thing I have to admit is that when somebody is outside my house working that hard (hot sun or not), Iím inside working as hard as I possibly can. Anything, you know, to avoid feeling guilty about the disparity (although I think I paid him pretty well for his dayís work). I thought heíd never leave, though. My back was killing me by the time finished, after six tonight.

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