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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Trying to get much work done on a Saturday is always an iffy proposition, but usually, if Iím fully committed, I can at least do whatís on my to-do list. Most Saturdays the people I work with leave me alone. In fact, thatís exactly the reason I do work on Saturday, so that I can stay with the tasks Iíve assigned myself and not have to zig and zag according to someone elseís whim.

Well, it didnít work out that way today, and now I still have that same to-do list, undone. I spent the day solving other peopleís problems, which isnít a bad thing and is part of my job but wasnít what I had in mind. I hope theyíre happy. No, I mean that. I really hope theyíre happy, because if not, my day was wasted.

13 August 2009

Through the fence opening.

At one point, in a fit of misdirected pique, I actually turned the phone off for awhile. I felt guilty almost immediately, though, and turned it back on. It never got so bad that I unplugged the fax machine, but I did think about it. I believe Iím going to dedicate myself to getting so much work done during the upcoming week that I donít have to work at all next Saturday. (Yeah, thatíll probably happen.)

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