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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This is not about the game. Thatís not why youíre here, is it? This is about how I feel, which I assume is why youíre here. (If not, you might be in the wrong place.) The fact that itís how I feel about the game shouldnít matter. Itís incidental. (At least itís not about work, which is also not why youíre here but also something I have feelings about from time to time.)

If I said the game reminded me of my life, would that get me off the hook? It seemed to go on forever, and there were so many times when disaster could have struck but was narrowly averted. There were also many chances to make something great happen, but it just wasnít quite there because something ineffable was lacking, something that has always been just an armís length out of reach.

Then, in the end, just when it seemed that against all odds a miracle was going to save the day, despite all its twists and turns and narrow escapes, disaster struck. It started slowly and then became inevitable, and it all went to hell in one mighty blow from which it will be hard to recover. It will take time, but we have to keep going anyway. The march of progress doesnít wait for us to pick up the pieces from the last disaster. If we do, we might end up backing into another one.

6 August 2009

Summer clouds.

On the other hand, along the way in what ended so badly were some moments when all you could do was stand back and observe, then decide whether to laugh or cry. Thatís the close-up. In the bigger picture, everything we get is more than we expected, if not more than we deserve. Thatís what makes the journey worth it, no matter how it ends. Just like life.

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