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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

It was a party for D.J., who turns seven tomorrow, but I confess I spent a good deal of time trying to charm Kylie. After yesterday, when the very sight of me made tears roll down her cheeks, I was determined at least not to make her cry. My sights were set a little higher than that, but I was perfectly willing to settle.

It was a loud party, considering at least half of the attendees were under three feet tall. I believe I counted ten small children there, but they were moving so fast that I might have missed one, or counted one twice. The thing is, they were all on good behavior. Just loud.

D.J. had a night to shine, and he didnít disappoint us. He was very free with the hugs, as always, and he said all the right things as he opened his presents. He was patient with the younger children and tolerant of the adults. He insisted on getting the first piece of cake, as was his right. ďIím the birthday boy,Ē he reminded us, more than once, as if we might forget.

As D.J. opened his presents, Aiden stood directly in front of him, fascinated by the activity. Every so often Dakota would quite clearly announce, ďItís Dakotaís turn,Ē but he wasnít overly insistent, and heíll definitely share in the wealth, because so much of what D.J. got has to do with science, a shared interest of the brothers.

7 March 2006

The birthday boy admires a present.

Kylie did cry tonight, a little, but it wasnít my fault this time. There were so many strangers there that the blame could be spread around, but Iíll tell you what made my night. I got a little smile out of her. And I mean a tiny upturn at the corners of her mouth, but I could see a wee twinkle in her big, beautiful eyes, so Iím ready to say that I made Kylie smile. She might not remember this the next time she sees me, but that just means Iíll have to try again.

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The two WBC games I watched today (while I was working, of course) could not have been more different. The Dominican Republic exploded in the ninth inning to turn a closely contested game of counterpunching offense into an 11-5 rout of Venezuela, while the U.S. and Mexico traded excellent pitching performances and very little offense in a 2-0 U.S. win, by virtue of solo home runs from Chipper Jones and Derrek Lee. All four of these teams are likely to advance to the next round of the tournament, regardless of todayís results, but it was interesting to see the contrasting styles of play.

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