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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Judging by yesterdayís comments, yíall think itís a lot of hard work, this diet Iím on. Well, guess what. Youíre right. Iím not discouraged yet, but Iím thinking about modifications so that I donít spend so much time in the supermarket looking for obscure grocery items, so much time in the kitchen chopping vegetables for hours on end, and so much time washing and putting away dishes, simply so that thereís room in the drainer for more. And then more after that.

But Iím not discouraged. (Did I say that already?) Iím not discouraged, just tired, way too much of the time. The good part is that it all turns out to be worth it. I eat food that I really like (mostly, with occasional notable exceptions), and Iím convinced Iím sending my cholesterol levels in the right direction. I might never know, because I havenít been tested and donít plan to be. But I can still say it.

What Iíve been doing is laying out a daily menu plan a week in advance, then looking at the recipes. I make note of the ingredients I already have and make a list of the ones I donít have. Once a week I do all the shopping. And then a few days later I go back and pick up the things I forgot, because with a list that long, by the time youíve been in two or three stores, you might not remember whether youíve bought everything or not.

The new plan will include more leftovers, for sure. That harkens back to the olden days (a month ago), when I ate leftovers more often than I cooked. I probably wonít do that again, but I definitely donít need to start from scratch every single night, night after night, until Iím worn out with the cooking and not enjoying it as much any more.

5 May 2009

Clouds over there.

The other thing the new plan will do is eliminate the recipes that didnít work the first time through. No more Mushroom Stroganoff, and if I try the Pad Thai again, it wonít be with those rice noodles that clumped together so disgustingly. But none of this has been a failure, because Iím learning something every time. Tonight, for example, I learned how to make chalupas that are so good I ate more than I should have. Itís a good thing this diet isnít about losing weight.

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Giants 8, Rockies 3. It didnít start well for Matt Cain today. He walked three in the first two innings, but he also got two double plays behind him to keep the Rockies off the scoreboard. Meanwhile, Bengie Molina hit home runs in the first and third to give the Giants a lead the Rockies couldnít overcome, once Cain settled down. He pitched six one-hit shutout innings before the early wildness took its toll in the pitch count. The Giants didnít stop scoring, in a rematch of the starters from game I went to last Saturday that reversed that result.

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