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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yes and no. If youíre asking if I worked in the yard today, as I threatened to do yesterday, the answer is yes. If youíre asking if it was any fun, itís a no.

It wasnít the fact that it wasnít fun that kept me from getting more done. In fact, I lasted maybe fifteen or twenty minutes before I couldnít hold the weed trimmer any longer. It was the pain in my back, and mostly in my forearms, that made me quit before I could get anything else done. But at least I managed to get the path from the driveway to my front door trimmed back. Now a regular person could walk up to the door without having to bring along a machete.

Itís probably a good thing I quit when I did, because for the next couple of hours I couldnít hold anything in either hand without shaking. It was bad enough that I decided it made more sense to drink water than that purple stuff I like. No use inviting more stains on the carpet or the recliner.

18 May 2009

Mockingbird in flight.

Whether I make it out into the yard again tomorrow depends on whether I can move my arms when I get up in the morning. Tonight they just feel heavy, and a little as if they belong to someone even older than I am. But the shaking has stopped, so I might have to come up with some other excuse not to do anything tomorrow.

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Giants 5, Mariners 1. The Giants managed to keep their bullpen out of the game by taking advantage of (a) the DH, which allowed the starter, Matt Cain, to stay in the game, and (2) a five-run eighth inning featuring a three-run double by Juan Uribe and a two-run homer by Fred Lewis. Is this the start of a winning streak? I donít know, but itís the end of a four-game losing streak.

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