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Saturday, December 26, 2009

To give myself a little credit (that I probably donít deserve), I did consider doing a few things today. I thought about getting caught up on the work that I let slide during the past week, or getting a head start on the upcoming weekís drudgery. I almost talked myself into going out amongst-íem and doing a wee bit of necessary marketing (out of bananas! again!). And the thought of cleaning house, while never seriously on the actual agenda, did flit fleetly through my overstuffed head.

So I had good intentions, even if they were half-hearted at best. Instead I slept until an embarrassingly late hour of the morning, then plopped myself in front of the TV set to watch all eight of the Boxing Day football matches from England that I had recorded earlier, while I was sleeping so late. Not that I watched all eight of them all the way through. I do a lot of fast-forwarding, watching closely for things like bad fouls and penalties, great saves and goals. Even so, it took a large (and satisfying) portion of the afternoon, even at triple speed.

23 December 2009

Butternut Squash.

My contribution to Christmas dinner yesterday was a savory squash and apple dish, whose recipe I found on line by Googling ďslow cooker side dishes.Ē I made it Thursday and tried it out that night, and it was so good I ate more than I should have. The butternut squash was huge (and took a huge amount of peeling and chopping), so there was plenty left over, and there still is plenty left over. I donít know if it was as well received as I hoped it would be (the kids didnít eat it, but I didnít expect them to), but I still think itís the best first-time dish Iíve made so far. I guess Iíll have to try harder next time, though.

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