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Friday, June 18, 2010

Reality slapped me in the face like a cream pie today. For some reason, I was thinking that because I went to the doctor yesterday, Iíd be all better today. Not so, as it turns out. I had a shaky night and a shaky morning, and a semi-shaky afternoon. If I let it, this could get me down, but I have to remember that the medication takes two to four weeks to be effective. I guess until it does, Iím going to be shaky. Well, okay then. You donít have to pie me twice for me to get the message.

Last weekend was like visiting another planet, where the air doesnít feel right in your lungs and an altered gravity throws your equilibrium off. Friday was the first of a string of days when I just didnít get things done. Iím watching the grasses in my yard get higher and higher every day, right back to where they were when I had them cut down a month ago. I know that if Iíd felt okay I would have been able to mow through them over the weekend. Thatís one of the things that just didnít get done.

Today was good at times and very bad at other times. I fear Iím going to be kind of miserable until the medication starts to do some good. I got out to the supermarket this morning for the first time in over a week, and it wore me out. Then as I was driving home I realized I hadnít picked up the most important thing on my list, bananas. (Thatís because two people were standing in front of the banana display, chatting away. I passed it three times but on my way to the checkstand forgot to look again to see if it was clear.)

So I stopped at another market on my way home and wore myself out some more. I imposed a mandatory rest period on myself (after I got my groceries unloaded and put away), and I started feeling better. Then this afternoon I tried to get some work done, and after a couple of hours I got woozy and weak, almost as bad as a week ago. I had to sit for long periods the rest of the night. Iím afraid nothing will get done this weekend, either.

14 May 2010

The only reason I finished this entry was because I started it. I should not have spent as much time on the computer today. This is getting to be like having a really bad perpetual hangover that keeps coming back, sometimes bad and sometimes worse. I actually think the medication might be making it worse, at least temporarily. Well, hopefully. Hopefully temporarily.

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